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Candlemass "Nightfall" 3xLP (Orange/Teal/Dark Green) Box Set

Candlemass "Nightfall" 3xLP (Orange/Teal/Dark Green) Box Set

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Limited Triple Coloured Vinyl Set Of The Genre-Defining 1987 Opus Of Epic Doom, Including Remastered Audio Of The Album, Plus Studio Outtakes, Rehearsal & Demos. Also Includes Poster & Eight Page Booklet. Candlemass, formed by bassist & songwriter Leif Edling in Stockholm in 1984, is well known for it's influential Epic Doom Metal sound, which itself evolved out of the masterful Black Sabbath. Following the legendary & genre-defining debut, 'Epicus Doomicus Metallicus' (1986), 'Nightfall' was released just one year later & alongside 'Epicus...', is widely hailed as an all-time classic, instrumental in shaping the scene that still exists to this day with it's unrivalled melodic Heavy Doom, with the creation of classic anthems such as 'Dark are the Veils of Death' & 'Well of Souls'. On 'Nightfall', joining bass player & main songwriter Leif Edling was vocalist Jan Alfredo Marcolin, better known as Messiah Marcolin, who became a well-established & highly regarded vocalist throughout the Metal world, with his distinguishing & theatrical tones establishing him as an iconic presence in the band until his departure in the early 1990's. Marking 35 years since this undisputedly revered release originally surfaced, this limited, triple coloured vinyl set includes newly remastered audio of the album - with work undertaken by Patrick Engel at Temple of Disharmony - & includes additional LP's containing studio outtakes, plus rare rehearsal & demo recordings of the songs 'Bewitched' & 'Battlecry', all from the period leading up to the studio session. Aside from the three LPs, this set also includes a 'Nightfall' poster, plus eight-page booklet featuring rare band images & text originally featured in the 'Behind the Wall of Doom' book, written by Per Ola Nilsson. Each of the three LP's are also presented in their own sleeves

- Disc 1 -
1 Gothic Stone (2022 Remaster) (01:00)
2 the Well of Souls (2022 Remaster) (07:17)
3 Codex Gigas (2022 Remaster) (02:20)
4 at the Gallows End (2022 Remaster) (05:48)
5 Samarithan (2022 Remaster) (05:30)
6 Marche Funebre (2022 Remaster) (02:22)
7 Dark Are the Veils of Death (2022 Remaster) (07:08)
8 Mourner's Lament (2022 Remaster) (06:10)
9 Bewitched (2022 Remaster) (06:38)
10 Black Candles (2022 Remaster) (02:19)
- Disc 2 -
1 Dark Are the Veils of Death (Early Guitar Mix) (07:09)
2 at the Gallows End (Early Guitar Mix) (05:49)
3 the Well of Souls (Early Guitar Mix) (07:21)
4 Mourner's Lament (Early Guitar Mix) (05:19)
5 Samarithan (Early Guitar Mix) (05:31)
6 Codex Gigas (Early Guitar Mix) (03:02)
7 Bewitched (Early Guitar Mix) (06:33)
8 Dark Are the Veils of Death V1 (Rehearsal 1987) (06:43)
9 Codex Gigas (Rehearsal 1987) (02:32)
- Disc 3 -
1 Dark Are the Veils of Death V2 (Rehearsal 1987) (06:52)
2 the Well of Souls (Rehearsal 1987) (07:08)
3 Samarithan (Rehearsal 1987) (05:08)
4 Mourner's Lament (Rehearsal 1987) (05:36)
5 Bewitched (Demo 1987) (07:11)
6 Battlecry (Demo 1987) (06:07)

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